Change Your Mindset to Achieve Goals

Previously we discussed “How To Reach Attainable Reasonable Goals“.  Today you will discover how your mindset empowers your goals!

Have you thought about what is important to you? Can you see yourself having or being more in your life but you keep putting it off? Then, you must first grasp the importance of changing the way you think to have the life you dream of.

If you have a passion to do something great in life and you have the desire to pursue it, then this post is for you. You will discover why your mindset has to change, what it takes to change your mindset and how your changed mindset will allow you to achieve your goals.

Connection Between Your Mindset and Achieving Goals

Your mindset has to change in order to achieve your goals. What you set out to do must be clear and precise. You must start with what you want and then work on why and how to reach the goal(s) you desire. Set specific goals by dreaming and focusing on what you want to achieve.

Think about what you want or where you want to be and write them down. You are creating a visual for you to see. Hang it up and read it every day. Because our actions are controlled by our subconscious mind, reading these goals daily will eventually help you to see your goal more clearly and you will start to create a plan.

Have you ever heard that if you stick with something for 3 weeks it will become a part of you or your routine? For 21 days, do one thing that will help you toward your goal and see how much you can get accomplished.

Take Action to Achieve Your Goal

First things first, determine what your goals are. To achieve a goal, you must:
• Visualize it- Know what you want
• Believe it- Have confidence that you can have it
• Desire it- You can’t see yourself without it
• Seek it- Take advantage of all the resources available to you
• Accept that you can have it- don’t let self-doubt hold you back

When you close your eyes can you see your goal? What are the obstacles you feel are standing in your way? How can you remove these obstacles? What else do you think is holding you back?

Think about these questions and write down everything that comes to your mind. When you’re done, jot down how you can come up with a solution to each obstacle.

“Inside every life problem there is a secret opportunity. When you can find the opportunity, the problem becomes solvable.” – Mark Peysha

It doesn’t matter where you came from, it matters where you are going and the choices you make to get there. Think about what you need to start doing to get to that goal.

Control your mind to control your actions. Our minds consist of the information that is put into them whether from the information we hear or from what we learn. You can control the information that gets implanted into your mind. Make a choice to listen and be involved with positive things.

With that said, think about how you will feel if you were doing something that you desire or are passionate about. Imagine waking you and feeling free to enjoy your life and the things around you. In order to get to this point in your life you must begin with changing the way you think. You must find the WHY to help you rewire or reprogram your brain to take actions towards what you want.

Safety of Your Comfort Zone

Your brain needs you to have a reason to change the way it takes in information that is out of your comfort zone. Find out what your why is for the goal you set because this will drive you to achieve it.

We do things because of habit and this goes back to the subconscious mind where we find ourselves doing the same things day in and day out. In order for us to break our habits, we must step out of the safety of our comfort zones. We must have the desire to override our habits and stop letting fear, anxiety, and the unknown hold us back.

Once you accept this mindset, you can move on to making it happen.


You must want greatness more than anything else. Changing the way you think, will change everything about your life. Whatever you want, starts with your mindset. Change it and you can change YOUR world. You have to want the:
• Challenges
• Everyday ups and downs
• The risks
• The rewards
If you want to enjoy life and experience new things, shift your mindset and you can do anything.

Find your purpose and live it to the fullest!







Supreme-Investing Team

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

How To Reach Attainable Reasonable Goals

Year after year, January comes along and many people say their New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it is:

  • I want to change the way “blank”
  • I want to make this amount of “$$$”
  • I want to lose this “many pounds”
  • I want “this or that” for myself, family or out of life

All of those resolutions are great things to strive for but you must be willing to work at them.  It is a good habit to make goals for yourself, have you thought about what you are going to do to hit those goals?  It is easy to say “I am going to do this or that” and by the middle and to the end of the year, those resolutions will either fade away or get pushed to the side which could possibly leave you feeling discouraged or disappointed that you did not reach them.  So, when January comes along again, you tell yourself that you are going to do “that goal” this year.  How many years do you plan to let pass you by?


The first thing I want you to do is ask yourself the following:

  • How do I feel when I don’t accomplish a goal?
  • Was that a realistic goal I was able to reach?
  • What efforts did I make towards getting to that goal?

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Goals should not be made and then put to the side.  The effort you take in making the goal is as important as getting there.  No goals are perfect because you are not perfect but you have the opportunity to achieve whatever you set your mind to.  Set goals you feel good about and can achieve but they must lead you towards what you want. You will be surprised at how good you will feel when you meet that goal.  Dedicate yourself to making goals that are not far-fetched. If your goal is to make 100,000 a year and you only made 35,000 in the previous year with no set plan at achieving it, the less likely that you will not achieve it. Just saying you will do something is not a plan. You must work towards making your goals become a reality.

FYI: Have you ever thought about how much time you have in a year to attain your goals? Did you know that there is a total of 8,760 hours in a year (excluding leap year) and if you sleep 8 hours a night- or day for 3rd shifters- which is 2,920 hours, that leaves you 5,840 hours to hit the goals you made for the year? Think about when you factor in other obligations? If you look at it, that is not a whole lot of time to sit back and think about what you should be doing to get to your goal. You need to start taking MASSIVE action TODAY towards achieving your goals.


Here is one way on how to reach attainable reasonable goals, ACCOUNTABILITY. It is essential for you to be accountable for the actions you take towards your goal.  Setting resolutions or goals should be more than just putting them down on paper and saying that I will get to this or that point in your life.  Decide what needs to happen to meet your goal(s) and work at doing something towards it every day.  Only you can take the steps needed for success!  It all boils down to consistent actions.

Make your goals a “BIG DEAL” to help you establish accountability for yourself.  Tell yourself, “If I don’t HIT the goals that I set, I am letting myself down”. Believe in what you speak or what you set. If you do what you say you are going to do every time and hold yourself accountable, it will become a habit that you want to keep to yourself.  HABITS CREATE SUCCESS.


It is not ok to have goals without holding yourself accountable but you must also look at the way you are setting these goals.  Instead of just looking at the goal you have for the year in one big chunk; plan to set monthly goals and then break that down into weekly smaller reasonable goals.  Do these steps and aim to stay on track no matter what.

You should be setting steady monitored goals that you can achieve and then build on that. But if reach the goals you set consistently, you will continue to aim at conquering those goals.  You need to monitor your activity and the best way to do that is by documenting the activities you have done.  Doing this will show how you are progressing.  If you don’t have anything to compare your goals to, how can you know how close you are to your goal?


We hope this article on HOW TO REACH ATTAINABLE REASONABLE GOALS will armed you with the knowledge you need to get started moving forward to where you want to go instead of being held back with discouragement and disappointments. Remember, for every goal you set, you should have a step by step plan in order to reach that goal. Breaking down your goals into monthly, weekly or maybe daily objectives will help them to be more attainable.

So, what is the main goal you want to reach this year? We would love to hear your goals.  Feel free to share this if you got value. Thanks for reading!

Supreme Investing Group, LLC