How to Take Charge of Your Success

Today’s post on how to take charge of your success touches on the things you can do and the mindset you must have.  No one can experience your success nor can they tell you what it is and isn’t, it is all in what you believe you must accomplish to reach that greatness in your life. View our post Change Your Mindset to Achieve Goals for ways to alter your mindset for success.

Action Steps

Create a goal for your success.  Determining what your goal is for success will help you to visualize how you will get there.  Where do you see yourself? Paint a vivid picture in your head of what you want and where you see yourself many years down the road.

Plan the steps needed to get to this goal. What resources can you use to help you? Is there something you can learn or do you know someone that has skills that can help you with this goal.  Think about everything that is needed to complete this goal and then see what is available around you. For the things that you don’t have access to, how do you think you can obtain them?

Schedule your tasks/steps.  Make a schedule of your week.  See where you have available time slots.  What days and times do you have available to implement these tasks?   Determine how much time each task will take and place them in your schedule accordingly.  Things tend to get done when you put them into your schedule.  Remember, every step you take will get you closer to your goal.

Be dedicated.  Make a commitment to yourself and stick to your action steps. You are the only one in control of your destiny.  Don’t let procrastination, people or negative thoughts get in your way.  Do what you say you are going to do, No Matter What!

Believe You Can

The most important thing to express about success is to “NEVER GIVE UP”.  You will face obstacles along the way:

  • things may not start out working like you planned
  • things will keep getting in the way
  • you will have so much to do and little time

Life is going to happen but what you decide to do with life’s nicks in the road, will determine where you will end up.  You must believe that you can succeed.  Know deep down that with the right actions in place, you have the ability to reach every goal you set for yourself.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison


No matter where you are in life, there is always going to be something that you can learn to help you to reach the level of success you want or desire. Stay focused and don’t let anyone discourage you. Do what makes you happy and strive to achieve in what you believe you can do. No one is perfect nor do everyone like the same things.  Put yourself out there and the right people will follow.

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We wish you an abundance of success.

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“Never give up on something you truly believe in. Follow your heart and it will lead you to your destiny.” – Unknown