Real Estate Investing: Q&A- Trouble Understanding Where to Start

Question: I have A.D.D. and I am having trouble understanding where to start.  I just can’t hear this, this, and this.  I need to know why I need to start there and how. Can you help?

Answer: There are many successful beyond millionaires who have A.D.D. in the real estate industry or any industry.  It is up to you to decide whether or not you will allow this to hold you back.  Everyone has their own way of learning and you will need to determine what that is for you.

Understanding Where To Start

As far as needing to know why certain information is required, it is best for you to take one thing that you don’t know and read a variety of books, listen to audios or look at video on that subject so you can get a better understanding from many different views.  There are many things in the real estate industry that can stop someone before they even start but you must realize that majority of the methods out here have been proven to work.  It may be hard to take someone’s word for it but just taking action on a method will go a lot further than just over analyzing it because you would have created an experience.  When you actually get out there and do something, it’s not just on paper anymore and fluttering in your mind.  You have taken action towards something you didn’t know about or fully understand.

Wholesaling requires marketing to find sellers who need to sell their home and cash buyers to purchase them. If you are into other forms of real estate investing, say rehabbing to fix and flip, you will need to locate properties for cheap. In order for people to know what you do and what you are looking for, you must market yourself and your business either by word of mouth, or passing out business cards/flyers, social networking, to name a few. There are other things you need to consider like funds to purchase and rehab, system to follow, what you plan to do with the properties, etc.


NO matter what you face in life, there is always a way to overcome it.  There are plenty of resources available that you will be able to relate to. When understanding where to start, read or listen to books on a topic. Take what you have learned and implement it into your business. The main thing you need to remember is that you have to look within yourself to find the determination to keep going, NO MATTER WHAT!

Go out there and start marketing in your target area to generate the leads you are going after and see what happens.  Success nor learning happens overnight. Taking action will help to overcome some of the fears of not knowing enough. Many people learn with experience. Document what you did and follow and tweak it to make your own system.

For more information on marketing, please check out our post “6 Marketing Strategies Every REI Should Know.”  Did this help you? If so, please do us a favor and share with others and comment below.

To Your Success!

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“Unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situations. Successful people make decisions based on where they want to be.” –

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